6 Things I Didn’t Miss When I Unplugged at a Getaway House

I was born in 1992.  Yuck, I’m a millennial.  Just kidding, I’m not ashamed to be apart of the Y generation. We have issues, but let the generation without sin cast the first stone.  Baby Boomers? X geners? Silent generation, I’m looking at you. Anywho, being a millennial means I remember a time when technology didn’t dominate every single second of our lives.  I remember being a kid and painting in my room after school, while listening to Josh Groban’s first album Josh Groban…I was a deep 10 year old.  iPads didn’t exist, iPhones hadn’t made their mark yet, and I barely knew how to look up something on AskJeeves.com.  I was able to focus on a singular task, like painting my masterpieces, without itching to see who liked my recent IG picture.  At the risk of sounding folksy, it was a simpler time. BUT.  Being born in 1992 also meant I was young enough to be totally engrossed in technology and social media when they burst onto the scene.  I’ll admit it, I check my phone too much, I watch too much Netflix, I don’t read enough, and my attention span is not what it use to be. Like many other millennials, I’m caught in this inbetween world.  

You’re asking yourself now, “Monika, what the hell does this have to do with Getaway House?!  Get to the point!” Chill, chill, I’ll explain. Caught in the the two worlds, I’m fully aware of how I use to be and I miss it sometimes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to keep in contact with my friends in Europe and other parts of the US with Facebook and having an Instagram has brought out the little photographer in me; a lot of it is fun.  So in an attempt to regain some of my focus, I went away. To a Getaway House. Conveniently enough Randy and I’s anniversary was coming up so we decided to have that be our gift to each other. I decided it be the perfect time for us to unwind, reconnect, and take life a little slower, as a couple and as individuals.  When I brought up the idea, Randy confessed that he also needed to drop the phone and get away. We were all set, we booked our cabin and patiently waited for our weekend of no plan, no schedule, no agenda. Here are the 6 Things I Didn’t Miss When I Unplugged at a Getaway House:    

Randall agreed to be my model 😉



  1. Looking at my phone as soon as I woke up


Throughout the day, how often do we feel an impulse to scroll through social media or answer a text or flip through our pictures because we’re bored and we need to do something?  I’m guilty of it. It’s very rare that I zone out, I’m usually thinking about an email I have to send out, reading an article, or looking at someone’s profile for the millionth time.  At Getaway House, there’s no wifi and the cell phone reception isn’t great so my phone was more or less useless. On the first morning I woke up with the sun, the cabin has this huge, gorgeous window looking out into the woods, and I couldn’t go for my phone like I normally would so I lay there and looked out the window.  It sounds simple but it was refreshing to be still and not get up and grab my phone at first impulse.

This view can’t get any better
The cabin is equipped with a sink with clean drinking water, a mini fridge, a stove top, and all kitchenware. All you need to bring is food!


  1. Taking weeks to finish a book

Normally it takes me weeks to finish a book.  I start and then someone calls me, I start up again and then I need to run an errand, and once again I start but by then I realize, I’ve lost my place.  Saturday morning after breakfast, I began Cait Flanders’ A Year of Less and I finished it Sunday morning before breakfast, about 170 pages.  I took breaks to eat and hang out with Randy but when I picked up her book I was captivated.  The story of her year long shopping ban, along with decluttering her apartment and her life, resonated with me.  I did a big clean out of my closet earlier this year but Cait’s book made me think of how much more I can declutter my life.  Getting the chance to be fully enveloped in someone’s story was something I really missed.


  1. Being interrupted while in conversation

Randy and I both come from big families.  I live currently live at home with my parents and two siblings, and we have a decent amount of friends.  So as you can guess, it’s not necessarily easy for us to be in deep conversation without being interrupted by someone.  Being in the Getaway House gave us time to talk, undisturbed, and to be present with each other.


  1. Being unable to focus on one activity

Like I said before, my attention span is no what it use to be.  I have a difficult time focusing when there are so many other things going on around me.  As time goes on, this worries me a bit. Well, this weekend without tv, phones, computers, or other people around us, Randy and I were able to start and finish a whole game of Monopoly!  We also played UNO, dominos, and Crap or Fact. Something as simple as honing in on a game and being present with Randy made me feel content and it was peaceful to just be there.

I won
I won
Uh huh, I won
Poor Randall, the face of ultimate defeat. I beat him so badly that he ended up with $3.
  1. Meaningless noise

With the absence of television, I felt a little uneasy in the silence.  We were in the middle of the woods! I couldn’t help but have this eerie feeling like we were in an installment of the Scream franchise.  Thankfully, Getaway House provides a radio for each cabin so Randy and I could have background music.  The radio was set to the classical station and it was left there until we left on Sunday. Filling the cozy cabin with uninterrupted music granted us with moments in the day to listen and absorb the various sonatas, concertos, and operas.  The music was specific and conscious, it wasn’t noise just for the sake of noise. No phone call or text to broke the flow of continuous music, it was there for us to soak up and appreciate.


  1. Having a plan

I’m a major planner and Randy jokes that he can always tell when my mind is working overtime. When you make your reservation with Getaway House they don’t tell you until a week before your stay where your cabin will be exactly, to deter you from overthinking what to do while you’re there.  I knew beforehand that relinquishing my incessant need to have every second of the day figured out would be difficult to control. Let’s be honest though, I think Randy loved taking a break from my plan making and all of our running around. Randy and I brought games and knew what we were going to cook but other than that, we let the day happen.  If I felt like reading a bit I read, if I felt like sitting outside I sat, there wasn’t anything we had to accomplish.


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  1. I had a very similar experience when I spent a few days on the island of Arran in Scotland and I can completely relate! I think we all should take an opportunity to unplug from time to time.

    1. Definitely Milena! Sometimes the phone needs to be off and the notifications have to be ignored. Thanks for your comment!

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