7 Divine Eats in Rome

From September 2016-June 2017 I taught English in Madrid.  It was one of the best years of my life.  Along with teaching, making friends, and falling in love with the city, I did some solo traveling.  The first time I solo traveled was in 2013.  After my study abroad semester in Salamanca ended, I needed a plan for the following 2 weeks before meeting up and traveling with my family for another 2 weeks.  So I planned it all out and traveled around Andalusia for 2 weeks.  Throughout this past year, I solo traveled to Mallorca (partly solo), Avila, Alicante, and finally Rome.

Rome was the BIG trip.  I had never been to Italy before and with the end of the school year quickly approaching, and me going back to Massachusetts, I knew that it might be a while before I’d get another chance to go to Rome.  I booked my trip for June 25-28th, just before Randy would arrive in Madrid on June 30th.  I had 3 full days to explore Rome and sing “This is What Dreams are Made of” from The Lizzie McGuire Movie everywhere I went.  This was also my chance to enjoy my last solo trip before moving back home (back home meaning: being surrounded by my big, loud, obnoxious, but loving family).  So how did I spend 3 full days in Rome?  Or really, the question is, how much gelato did I consume? (A lot.)  Yes, as all of you can imagine, I did eat through the city those 3 days.  How could I not?  Italy is the world’s capital for everything carbs.  I try to keep a low carb diet but that trip, I was like low carb diet, who?  Here are 7 divine eats in Rome:


If I could look this good, I’d be model

1.  Ristorante pizzeria bar specialità marinare rome e calabresi – Located across from the Rome bus terminal, the Ristorante pizzeria bar specialità marinare rome e calabresi is a hole in the wall pizzeria with crazy good pasta carbonara.  It’s also a perfect choice if you’re starving after your bus shuttle from the airport and need 10 cc’s of pasta, STAT!


The best part of traveling solo, no need to share!

2.  Ristorante da Sabatino – My free walking tour guide strongly suggested we have true roman pizza at Ristorante da Sabatino.  I took his suggestion and, thank you God, never looked back. I went classic and had a margherita pizza while I contempted hiding out in their kitchen for the rest of my trip and eating all of their pizza.    


Rice, cheese, meat, deep fried into a golden brown ball of delight

3.  Mondo Arancina – My best friend from high school, Ann Marie (shout out bitch!), studied abroad in Rome during our sophomore year of college and she recommended this little joint.  Mondo Arancina is arancini heaven.  Oh, and get the bolognese 😉


Carbs on top of carbs on top of carbs, life is good.
Don’t make fun of all the white wine I had with pasta and meat during my trip! I was in a white wine mood…

4.  Taverna del Seminario – After a long day of sightseeing and feeling like a brunette Lizzie McGuire, I decided to treat myself to this adorably picturesque restaurant.  I stumbled upon the Taverna del Seminario when I was near the Pantheon and knew that I needed 10 more cc’s of pasta, and wine of course.


1 gelato, 2 more to go

5.  Gelateria Giolitti – Not only does Giolitti have to-die-for gelato but the gelateria is also beautiful inside.  Delicious gelato AND classy decor?  Yes please!  I got chocolate and caramel with their complimentary whipped cream.  Run to Giolitti people, run!!


I took this picture lightening fast so I could dive into this pretty little cone

6.  Venchi Cioccolato e GelatoMonika, did you really need more gelato?  Um…watch your beautiful mouth because of course I did.  Venchi Cioccolato e Gelato is beautiful inside and it’s interior looks like a freakin’ chocolate and gelato museum.  Get the chocolate brownie and try not to faint from euphoria.


The damn Trevi Fountain got in the way of my gelato pic

7.  Gelateria ValentinoOkay Monika, you really didn’t need THAT much gelato.  Ya, no, I don’t need that negativity in my life.  Anyway, if you’re at the Trevi Fountain, slip into the Gelateria Valentino for a hot second.  Sightseeing is always made better with creamy gelato.


There you have it, my 7 favorite eat and the places where you can find them.  Each of the restaurants, gelaterias, and pizzerias I visited not only had amazing food but undeniable charm.  I probably gained about 15 pounds in that 3 day trip but it was all worth it.  Ending my year abroad with a trip to such an iconic city like Rome was the bow on top of a perfect year.  I ate, I drank, I conquered!  

There are so many more quality places to eat in Rome and I can’t wait to go back and find them!  Comment below and tell me, have you ever been to Rome?  If so, what were your favorite eats and spots?  If not, which of these eats look the most divine to you? 

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