Updates: Summertime and Making Moves

Hello Movers! (Trademark name for followers? Yes? No?).  I wanted to switch things up a bit and give you all a peek behind the curtain.  You know, and answer your burning questions like, How have you been handling fame and fortune?  What’s it like being a social media sensation?  Did you cry when you were named 2018’s Most Amazing Blog Writer and Person by every website known to man?  

1. I’m handling it as well as any other famous person; buying expensive shit and getting honorary doctorate degrees.

2. Let’s just say, I’m bigger than Kylie and Kendall put together…so…amazing

3. Yes, but just one tear.  Then I used a silk hankie to wipe it up.

Ha. Back to reality.   

I launched Monika Making Moves on my 26th birthday last month, May 13th, and so far it’s been a fun journey.  I’ve been welcomed by the blogging community with open arms and I’ve made personal connections with a few.  My subscriptions have been steadily growing.  And I’m getting comments online and in person from people telling me that they enjoy my stories and travel tips.  I’m still learning the technical side of website layouts and plugins but, overall I’m really excited about the future of this blog.


◊ Some exciting news: School’s out for the summer and now I get to put way more time into my website and other social media accounts!  No more trying to carve in time after work and on the weekends!  Well, at least until September comes back around.

◊ Some more exciting news: I’m going to start an Instagram account for Monika Making Moves soon so be on the look out!  I’m currently on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Bloglovin’.

◊ Some more MORE exciting news: I’m leaving in 6 days for Spain!  It’s been too long (almost a year! *gasp*).  Randy and I are staying in Madrid for the majority of the time.  We’ll also make it down to Sevilla and then go back up to Salamanca within the 11 days.  We can’t wait to see friends, visit familiar (and unfamiliar) places, and be in our favorite country again.


Between June to August, I’m going to Spain, Denmark/Sweden, Florida, Montreal, and other various little trips around New England.  I’m helping my grandparents move into their new house in Florida.  I’m a bridesmaid in one my best friend’s weddings.  I’m attending two other weddings (thank God one is in September).  And, I’m getting ready for my own wedding on September 7th.

In other words, this summer is going to be hectic.  But I’m excited and I can’t wait to bring you all along with me.  That’s the whole point of Monika Making Moves!  I’m in a time of transition in my life and I want to share my experiences with all of you.  Life will never stop moving and I have no choice to move along right with it.

So come Tuesday, the 12th, the summer will have officially begun and so will the lovely craziness <3.



Tell me, as I change around the website and possibly give it a new look, what suggestions do you have for me?  What have you thought about Monika Making Moves so far? 

What does your summer look like so far?  Quiet and chill or as nuts as mine?  Comment below!  I love hearing from all of you 🙂 


Spread the word, people 🙂

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