3 Steps to Alleviate Your Post-Travel Blues

Randy and I are back home from our trip to Spain.  We stayed in Madrid the majority of the time, and took trips to Seville and Salamanca within the week and a half.  It was great to see our friends in Madrid.  We revisited our favorite places and relived our most cherished Madrid memories from last year.  Randy got to see Seville and experience Andalusia for the first time. And I was able show him my old stomping grounds in the city that opened the door to travel and the rest of the world to me, Salamanca.  


Palacio de Cristal, Retiro, Madrid
Plaza Espana, Seville
Catedral Nueva, Salamanca


Overall the trip was great!  Several times as we were walking around, enjoying the Spanish air, we’d sigh and talk about how we didn’t want to go home.  We loved re-experiencing the remnants of our old lives too much. I believe that it was our optimism and high spirits that helped make the trip great. Everything just seemed to work out for us. We were just in such great moods and we felt at home again. But, like every great trip, at some point you gotta go home.  

On June 27th, we arrived to the end of our Spanish adventures. We packed our bags in our friends’ apartment, hugged them goodbye, and off we went. As we made our way to the airport, my heart sank a little and I didn’t know what I was going to do to cope with the post-travel blues.  Because, they’re real, my friends. The post-travel blues are when you come home from a great trip and you can’t muster enough motivation for normal life. Everything just seems a little blah. So what do you do? How does one ease the pain of the post-travel blues? I’m going to share with you what helped me get back to everyday life; 3 steps to alleviate your post-travel blues:


  1. Find something to look forward to


If you’ve been reading Monika Making Moves (which I hope you have), you know that I have a very busy summer.  Not only am I getting married to the kindest, most loving person on this planet (who was probably a very sweet and non-violent bear in a past life), but I’m also attending 3 weddings and am a bridesmaid in one of them.  When we came back on the 27th, I had to get ready to drive up to New Hampshire and be in one of my best friend’s weddings. From the June 28th to July 1st, I was so busy with wedding preparations and celebrations that I couldn’t dwell too much on how much I missed Spain.  


This was not posed, I swear. Girl Scout’s honor
The gorgeous bride and my beautiful self living up the moment
Wedding braids make the best facial hair


The 28th, I had to pack and prepare. The 29th, I got to spend time with the bride and the other bridesmaids at the nail salon and during the rehearsal. On the 30th everything went by in a flash, with the ceremony and the bumpin’ reception, before I knew it I was back in bed. And the 1st, we all said goodbye at the groom’s parents’ brunch.  Focusing on my beautiful friend and helping give her the best day of her life was exactly what I needed to get over my post-travel blues and, frankly, myself.

If you don’t have a wedding to go to here are some suggestions: plan a day out with friends, have a spa day, have friends over for dinner, or try a restaurant/bar you’ve never been to before.  Plan something that will get you excited to be home!


The perfect sunset for the perfect day


  1. Allow for some downtime


I think a common mistake when people come back a trip is to go back into regular life in high gear.  They’re going at 100mph from the get-go and they don’t slow down. After the wedding weekend, I came home and needed to decompress.  I was no longer feeling as down about being back home but I definitely needed to relax from both the trip and the late nights during the weekend.  

On July 1st, after the wedding brunch, I came home and watched tv.  It was glorious. It was everything I dreamed it could be. It was a moment I will speak about for days to come (A bit dramatic?). Anyhoo, between the July 1st and the 2nd I managed to finished the second season of GLOW on Netflix (Amazing show, stop reading this and go watch it now.  I’ll give you my Netflix account info, jk…my mom would kill me). It was so nice to stop and not think about my long to-do list. A bit of couch potato-ness can go a long way in the end.  


Now I want to be a wrestler…


All I wanted to do was watch tv but you could also: meditate, clean, organize your house/room, bake something, write in a journal, go for a walk. Anything that slows you down and gives you a peaceful moment to yourself.  


  1. Be kind to yourself and chill out with the to-do lists


In the midst of all of the plans and events this summer, I also have personal goals for myself this summer.  One being this blog, posting regularly, connecting with others, promoting my site, all of the above. Another is to get in shape.  And lastly, to minimize and sell some unwanted furniture and clothes before Randy and I get married. This week, I have, in so many words, sucked at working towards these goals.  It’s Friday and this is the first time I’m posting, I haven’t worked out at all this week, and I haven’t done ANY laundry. None. Zero.

I was feeling kind of shitty about myself this week but I took a step back and thought, one week doesn’t define meThis week, I’ve have more important things to focus on (#sorrynotsorry). My cousins who live in Kenya are here to visit and I haven’t seen them in 2 years. I’ve been helping prepare my parents’ house for my bridal shower this Sunday (the party I’m not supposed to really know about *wink wink*).  And Wednesday was the 4th of July, I was blessed to spend the day with Randy, my friends, and family. These moments are irreplaceable and I’m comfortable with my decision of putting them on the top of my “to-do list.”  


Nothing else matters when you have a moment like this. My two little (but very tall) baby cousins.


Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to put the things you enjoy on the top of your list. You’re not going to finish everything as soon as you get home so ease into and give yourself some time. Those clothes will get washed, your blog post will get posted, and you’ll lose those last 5 pounds. 



Coming home from a great trip is never easy but having something fun to look forward to, taking time for yourself, and easing back into everyday life will make it so much easier.  Then, when you’re ready to get back in the game, stay focused and motivated to get your goals in line. Then go ahead and plan your next trip. God knows I am 😉



What do you think of these 3 steps? How do you ease your post-travel blues? Comment below and share with me your personal tips 🙂




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