Remember Me?: My Insane Life From July-December

Don’t call it a comeback…  I’m back at it, people!  I’m throwing myself back into Monika Making Moves, for a multitude of reasons.  

First, I’ve missed it. I’ve missed writing posts and planning out future posts. And regardless of how many people actually read this, I’ve missed hearing from those around me that they enjoyed a post of mine or that they connected to what I wrote.  

Second, so much has happened from my last post to now, I’m a Mrs. now *GASP!*, and I’m excited to share. 

My happy place 🙂 Photo credit: Ashley Plante of Analog Wedding

Third, I have several trips coming up over the next few months (Phuket, Eastern Europe, and more!) and I can’t wait to tell you all about them.  

Lastly, I’ve realized that I need this blog, especially at this time in my life now.  My marriage, family, and social life are amazing but there’s another part of my life, that will remain unnamed, that is less than satisfactory.  This blog will help keep me sane.  You know, so I don’t blow up and slap a b*tch…

You get us sucked in with the drama but won’t say what it is?!  Damn you, Monika, damn you.



Monika Making Moves is very public (like everything on the internet) so you will just have to wait, I can’t talk openly yet about this.  In an attempt to keep a little privacy, I’ll refer to this area of my life as the Exhausting Cycle of Doom.


Here’s a short overview of what’s happened between July and now:

July → I went to Sweden to witness the union of two wonderful friends


End of July → I went to Florida with my mom to help my grandparents get settled into their new house


Beginning of August → I was showered with love, alcohol, and food by my bridesmaids during my bachelorette weekend in Montreal

I was always meant to be a beautiful bride ;P


Beginning of August → My dreams came true and I got to see Billy Joel in concert, at Fenway!  My parents, sister, and I danced the night away.


Mid-August → My siblings and I went to Provincetown (PTown) and celebrated Carnival 2018 with our uncles.  The theme?  Mardi Gras Under the Sea.


August 31st → My then-fiance (now husband) turned 30 and our friends and I surprised the shit out of him with bbq’d meats and improv in Boston


Beginning of September → Randy and I’s friends and family from overseas and out of town began to fly in for our wedding on the 7th

My European beauties helping me get ready


September 7th → The most kick ass day of my life!


September 8-11th → Mini moon in North Conway, New Hampshire  

Randy was all partied out
Let me fill my house with stuff that reminds everyone that I’m married…


Mid-September → Randy and I went to Vermont to witness the union of two more wonderful friends


Mid-October → I went to NYC for some girl time with my best friends from high school and college


End of October → HALLOWEEN!


Beginning of November → Ate some cheesecake with my GGs at Club Cafe in Boston 


End of November → THANKSGIVING!


After Thanksgiving → Randy and I drove down with my parents to Newport, Rhode Island to walk through the Newport Mansions and attend a Christmas Evening in the Breakers Mansion


And now? → I just went to Florida again with my mom to make sure my grandparents’ house hasn’t been completely taken over by the avocado and yuca trees my abuelo (grandfather) bought and planted!



WHEW!  Ya, that was a lot.  I’m gonna go take a nap now!


Now, can you blame me for being away the past few months?  I’m excited to get back to blogging and I hope that all of you will enjoy the new stories/travel tips/newlywed anecdotes/general nonsense that I have to share with the blogosphere 🙂            


Spread the word, people 🙂


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