5 Reasons to Drive to North Conway ASAP!

Okay I’m just going to say it… Randy and I decided to wait to have our honeymoon WAYYYY before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made it “hip.” 

What? Just cause he’s a prince and she’s a gorgeous actress they invented the idea of not honeymooning right away? No, Randy and I are the OGs.  

Well, maybe not the OGs but we decided on it before it was cool…

Actually, Randy was kind of bummed when we realized we couldn’t go right away.  But I teach and we wanted to have our wedding at the end of the summer so a sacrifice had to be made.  Though, we also didn’t want to completely go without some sort of getaway after the wedding. So, we decided to go away after the post-wedding breakfast on Saturday, until that following Tuesday.  

We had to pick a place that we could go to and get back home in 4 days.  If you’re not familiar with New England, there are a so many different places that are viable to get to from Massachusetts for a few days.  

We knew we didn’t want to go to Vermont because we had our friends’ wedding there the following weekend.  Providence, Rhode Island is fun but we didn’t want to be in a city. Coastal Maine is a little pricey. So northern New Hampshire it was!  We decided to go up to North Conway, New Hampshire, a small town close to the white mountains.

It’s quiet, quaint, not too far from home, and it’s where my family and I have vacationed too many times to count.  Basically since I was just a little Monika Making Moves.  It holds a special place in my heart.  Randy, on the other hand, had never explored too much North Conway before so it’s was perfect! Randy would get to experience an unfamiliar part of northern New Hampshire and I’d get to decompress, post-wedding, in a place that represents years of relaxation and fun for me.  

1. Be transported to 19th century England at the Stonehurst Manor

We stayed at the Stonehurst Manor just outside of North Conway’s downtown area.  The Stonehurst Manor is a beautiful 19th century summer estate-turned-country inn, known for their picturesque views of New Hampshire’s beautiful landscape.  The inside has an old English, father’s in the study with a pipe reading French literature-type of feel. In other words, it’s elegant AF.

Even if you don’t stay there you should at least have dinner at their restaurant, Wild Rose.  Their Prime Rib Rangoons and Maple Sausage Pizza are amazing! Excuse me while I go wipe the drool from my mouth.  

2. Stand on top of the world at Cathedral Ledge

Located on Cathedral Ledge Road, off of West Side Road, Cathedral Ledge provides a gorgeous view of North Conway and its untouched scenery.  Once you get onto Cathedral Ledge Road it’s a short drive up the ledge to a free parking area. Then you walk a few minutes and you’re on the side of a freaking cliff!  It’s so beautiful and perfect. It doesn’t matter how many times I go, I’m always taken a back by the stunning scene.

3. Walk through a Christmas Wonderland 365 days a year

Looking for an avocado ornament for your Christmas tree this year?  Been searching for a Santa hand-gilding ornament?  I wouldn’t be surprised if The Christmas Loft in North Conway had my ridiculous examples. (But now someone actually has to find me a Santa hand-gilding ornament, just saying.)  

Every room is filled with Christmas decorations.  The Christmas Loft has, more or less, anything you need to take your Christmas spirit from a 10 to a 100. And honestly, it’s just a fun place to walk around.    

4. Dig through the memories of yesteryear 

As I mentioned before, I’ve been to North Conway 7,483,935,450 times.  But for some reason I had never been in Valley Vintage & Antique Finds in the downtown area.  What better time to look through people’s old stuff and go antiquing than on your mini-moon, right?

Randy and I spoke to one of the owners and he was such a friendly guy.  He gave us some background information about the older pieces in the store and told us that any time we’re searching for an antique to give him a call and he’d look for it.  Randy ended up buying a book of codes from the 1930’s and I bought a few records.

(Side note: Next to Valley Vintage & Antique Finds is one of my favorite breakfast places up in that area, Peaches.  We didn’t go during our mini-moon because the Stonehurst Manor offered breakfast but it’s dynamite. Go, you won’t regret it!)     

5. Be entertained at Zeb’s General Store

Americans, we love a good junk store, don’t we?  A general store that has a hodge-podge of everything.  To look, walk around, and laugh at the weird little things you find.  Zeb’s General Store has everything from candy to spices to kitchen stuff to folksy New England art.  Every time I go to North Conway I HAVE to go to Zeb’s General Store and soak in the memories of my childhood (and get fudge of course too).    

Spread the word, people 🙂

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