The 9 Perks of Glamping in Thailand

When it came time to pick where Randy and I were going to stay during our honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand, I was slightly apprehensive that we weren’t going to see eye to eye.  I was looking for something different, something out of the box. Randy, on the other hand, was looking for comfort and luxury. And because he happens to be a whole half of this marriage, we agreed to do a little bit of both, offbeat and comfort.  We’d spend a few days staying where I choose and a considerable amount of time in a hotel with AC and a regular bed (I may be adventurous but I like a good AC too). I did some poking around on Airbnb and I came across something called “glamping.”

What is glamping? If you’re an up-to-date millenial and/or just bougie AF, you know that glamping is “glamorous camping.”  

The Airbnb host, Vin, has a glamping site on a part of the Rawai coast in southern Phuket.  While looking through the pictures, I saw big tents right in front of the Andaman Sea. Waking up in the morning to the clear, blue sea?  I was on board. Every tent has a queen mattress and a private bathroom in a separate building? Randy was on board.

February 2018, I booked Vin’s glamping site for 3 nights (for $250) and started counting down the days until we’d get to glamorously “rough it.”

The Perks:

1.  Airport Pickup

Before we had even made it to Phuket, Vin proved himself to be an awesome host.  He messaged me a few days before we left and asked if Randy and I wanted a car to pick us up from the airport when we arrived on December 24th at 9:30am.  I will admit, I felt kinda ritzy and important having someone wait for us with a sign with my name on it.

2.  Comfy bed + sounds of the ocean = blissful slumber

I was definitely skeptical on how comfortable the bed would be in the tent but I’m a very good sleeper (award-winning even!) so I wasn’t overly concerned.  Well, I don’t know where Vin buys his mattresses but both Randy and I slept like babies. The combination of the great mattress and the sea right out our tent made for grade A sleep.

3.  Great menu

As I mentioned in my previous post, the food wasn’t just cheap, it was also delicious!    

4.  Full bar

Need I say more?  Chess, mojitos, and the beach is a heavenly combo.  (Randy taught me how to play chess and now I’m a Chess Master, or at least I think I am).

5.  Chill atmosphere

The bar/picnic table area is the perfect vibe for the Airbnb.  Everything from the decor to the background music to the hammocks really help to tie in the feeling of being in paradise.  

6.  Private bathroom

I’ve heard of glamping sites that have community bathrooms.  Who wants to share a bathroom with the tent that partied in Patong all night or the tent with 3 kids?  Not me. So having a private bathroom designated for each tent was a big relief.

7.  Closed off swimming area

The area that Vin’s Airbnb is in is as private as private can get.  It’s closed off from the main road with a gate that has an electronic key entry for guests.  The beach, is small and quiet. In fact, the other guests staying in the tents were the only ones I saw swimming and kayaking.

8.  Free kayaks

Speaking of kayaking… Vin has FREE kayaks (and life vests) for those staying at the glamping site.  Randy and I took one out and enjoyed the warm Thai sun.

9.  Vin’s extensive knowledge of Phuket

Among all of these perks, my favorite was the immeasurable knowledge of Phuket that Vin has.  Being the organized traveler that I am, I had created a list of all the places Randy and I wanted to go to, their distances from where we were, and how highly rated they were, before we left.  Vin was kind enough to sit down with us and go through our list. He told us the best times to visit certain areas, how much taxis should charge us around the peninsula, and which areas were tourist traps.  He suggested we hire a taxi for 3 hours to drive us around rather than paying for a taxi at each stop. Vin’s expertise of Phuket was a huge help for us while planning out our days.

Vin has a warm and inviting personality that made the glamping site even more comfortable and enjoyable than it already was.   

Randy and I loved and appreciated having extra amenities at the Navatara Resort Hotel, the hotel we eventually moved on to.  But glamping for the first 3 days made our honeymoon just a little more special. Falling asleep to the sounds of the rain at night in our dry tent, waking up to the Andaman Sea at 4am, marveling at the small, green islands in Vin’s kayaks, or even drinking Mai Tais at 11am while planning our day are the unique memories that I will always hold dear to me.

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