My 15 Favorite Photos of Thailand

It’s been almost a month since Randy and I got back home from our honeymoon. 

A MONTH later.

I will admit that I am still not over how incredible my trip to Thailand was or how gorgeous Phuket is.  I want to share with all of you my favorite pictures of Phuket, in the hopes that someone reading this will impulsively buy a ticket now and fly to Phuket tomorrow!

Okay, so you might not want to buy a ticket for tomorrow.  You’ll probably lose your job for calling out for 2 weeks on a whim and you’ll spend thousands on last minute flights and accommodation.

If you do choose to be a little more pragmatic and plan everything out, you should read my post on how I spent less than $5,000 on the entire trip (flights, accommodation, food, activities, transportation, etc.).

Without further ado (in no particular order) here are my top 15 favorite photos of Thailand:

Rawai Coast

This is a view from the Airbnb we stayed at for the first 3 days. The tents and the green islands around made the glamping site feel like absolute paradise!
I love the variations of blue in this photo. The water is crystal clear on the Rawai coast. And those little boats? Come on, so cute!

Big Buddha Phuket

The detail in this photo is unbelievable. Big Buddha is a sight to be seen!

Wat Chalong

Tourists come from all over to donate money and lay gold leaves on the statues of 3 Buddhist monks.

Kathu Waterfall

I can’t explain it, I just think that this shot is so serene.

Chalong Pier

Eye spy with my little eye…a little, Big Buddha!

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

If you go to any elephant sanctuary in Phuket, go to the PES. It’s Phuket’s first ethical sanctuary. No riding, no bathing, no performances; just a peaceful tour. Also, at the end, you get to feed the elephants 🙂

Promthep Cape

The best sunset of my short 26 years on this Earth.

Phi Phi Island

My face the entire honeymoon 🙂
I didn’t think that Phuket could get much more spectacular, and then I went to Phi Phi Island.

Spread the word, people 🙂


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